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OCRA Seychelles, established in 1994, is a member of OCRA Worldwide, which has over 30 years of experience in facilitating offshore and international business with 15 offices and over 200 staff around the world.

OCRA Seychelles is a secure and established provider of:

In addition to cost effective company formation and management we provide our clients with introductions to offshore banks in Seychelles, Mauritius, Luxembourg, Switzerland and elsewhere.

If you are involved with international trade, investment or seeking tax management or wealth protection solutions then you should contact us by filling in our callback form or call us. To acquire a company please complete our application form.

Key Information:
  • Seychelles IBC Companies are tax exempt, flexible business entities that are regularly utilised for international trade, investment and consultancy.
  • Seychelles CSL Companies are resident in Seychelles and consequently subject to tax. However, they pay tax at a flat rate of 1.5% on its worldwide profits. Correctly structured and managed Seychelles CSL companies may access Seychelles network of tax treaties. Neither capital gains nor withholding taxes are levied. Consequently, Seychelles CSL companies are used by tax practitioners and businesses to structure investments into Mauritius' treaty partners, which include China, Indonesia, South Africa and Thailand.

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OCRA (Seychelles) Limited is licensed to provide International Corporate Services in accordance with Section 3(5) of the International Corporate Service Providers Act, 2003 by the Financial Services Authority.