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OCRA Seychelles provides professional clients and businesses with company formation, tax planning and structured corporate advice, often utilising the advantages of double tax treaties along with other structures and support.

Our philosophy is simple; we want our clients to succeed. The key to our approach is the relationship between OCRA Seychelles and a client. Understanding a client's business and financial needs means that we are best placed to give the right advice at the right time.

It is our mission statement to create practical solutions, not jargon or non-committal advice, to help our clients develop their businesses, save money and get the best return on their capital, all in a cost-effective manner.

Commitment to client care and accessibility are vital elements of our approach to business.

At OCRA Seychelles, we are committed to providing staff continuity on each client assignment. We take time to understand the business of our clients as a whole, as well as their aims and objectives. Unless specifically requested, we do not offer "quick fix" solutions (though there can often be a need for such a remedy). We look to the future to ensure that our solutions are robust. We aim to provide long term security by providing the right solutions.

We do not seek to compete with the large accounting firms or law practices that offer an excellent service. We are a focused and creative group of practitioners, specialising in matters related to the Indian Ocean, who take an interest in our corporate clients' business.

The hallmark of the OCRA Seychelles service is that it is based on personal contact with our in-house professional specialists.

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OCRA (Seychelles) Limited is licensed to provide International Corporate Services in accordance with Section 3(5) of the International Corporate Service Providers Act, 2003 by the Financial Services Authority.